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The Writer’s Almanac for October 4, 2017: Defiance

October 4, 2017: birthday: Jackie Collins

It’s the birthday of one of the most popular novelists of all time, Jackie Collins (books by this author), born in London (1937). Her first major American best-seller was Hollywood Wives (1983), which remained on the New York Times best-seller list for 28 weeks, and ultimately sold 15 million copies. Known as the “Queen of Steam,” Jackie Collins went on to average about a novel a year over two decades before her death of breast cancer in 2015.

Collins said, “My philosophy for women is this: if you’re going to get married and have a fabulous marriage … then you’re going to have to do everything you’ve ever wanted to do before you get married.”

And she said, “My biggest critics are the people who’ve never read me. It doesn’t bother me at all.”