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The Writer’s Almanac for November 28, 2016: Evening

Nov. 28, 2016: birthday: Friedrich Engels

It’s the birthday of the philosopher and writer Friedrich Engels (books by this author), born in Barmen, Prussia (now Germany), in 1820. He dropped out of high school, went to work as an office clerk, then served in the army. He was excited by radical philosophy, and his father sent him to England to work in textile firm where he was a shareholder, hoping to change his son’s opinions. Instead of convincing young Friedrich to abandon his views, working in England just made him more radical, and he wrote a book, The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844 (1845). Engels decided to go back to Germany, but on his way he stopped in Paris to meet Karl Marx at a café and talk, and they ended up becoming good friends, and Engels ended up staying in Paris. He helped Marx with the book he was working on, and a few years later, they co-authored the Communist Manifesto (1848).