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The Writer’s Almanac for August 14, 2017: The Saint

August 14, 2017: birthday: Danielle Steel

It’s the birthday of romance novelist Danielle Steel (books by this author), born in New York City (1947). She’s sold almost 600 million books, and produces a book a year, every year. In order to keep up her prolific rate, Steel works on three to five books at once. She writes a long outline, about 50 pages, and goes through it several times herself and with her editor. And then she writes an entire draft in one long push, only pausing to sleep for three or four hours at night before getting up and doing it all over again. She won’t stop until the book is finished.

She told the Wall Street Journal that her favorite movies are romantic comedies. “People might say I have the worst taste in movies, but I want a happy ending. If I wanted to stay home and cry, I could just look at the world around me.”