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The Writer’s Almanac for April 24, 2017: What Have I Learned

Apr. 24, 2017: birthday: Judy Budnitz

It is the birthday of American novelist and short-story writer Judy Budnitz (books by this author), born in Atlanta, Georgia (1973). Her 1998 debut book, Flying Leap, was published when she was only 24. Budnitz’s stories have been described as “modern fables or fairy tales” in the vein of Franz Kafka. Her characters are ordinary people placed in extraordinary circumstances that stretch the bounds of reality. Her most recent collection is Nice Big American Baby, published in 2005.

Her novels include Last Resorts (1984), Home Rule (1992), and the autobiographical Beloved Stranger (1999) — based on an incident in which her 75-year-old father lost his mind. Her short stories are collected in A Nail on the Head (1983), Concerning Virgins (1990), and That Bad Woman (1995). She edited the anthology The Agony and the Ego (1994), in which writers contributed thoughts on the creative process of writing, and also the anthology The Literary Companion to Cats (1994).