General questions

What is the piano music that accompanies The Writer’s Almanac?

The music that begins and ends The Writer’s Almanac is a Scandinavian folk tune called “Ge Mig En Dag” (“Give Me a Day”). The pianist is Rich Dworsky, music director for A Prairie Home Companion. A recorded version is available with the Good Poems audio book.

Sheet music is available in the book Once Led to Your Font: A Keyboard Collection, by Mark Sedio.

Subscription information

How do I subscribe to the podcast?

Go to the Podcast page, copy the URL selected and put it into your podcasting application. A thorough explanation of what is a podcast is available at Wikipedia.

How do I subscribe to the daily newsletter?

Fill out the form on the Newsletter page.

Help finding poetry

How can I find a poem I heard on the The Writer’s Almanac?

If you know the name of the author, browse or search for him or her on the author page. If the title of the poem is known, browsing or searching by poem title may be most useful. If you know approximately when the piece aired, the archive page might do the trick.

Why are there only poem titles and authors from 1993 and 1994?

These entries are from the time before our Web site was created. We had the information, and we hope to add to the back catalog as soon as possible.

Why aren’t there links to listen for programs up to Feb. 5, 2001?

The Web site didn’t have audio until this point. As above, we plan to add to the back catalog as time permits.

Why are the listen links different before January 22, 2007?

Oddly enough, it was a configuration change on our Web site. We used to post an entire week’s worth of audio, and modify the file with “timestamps” for each day. Those timestamps were inconsistent, and as such, did not lend themselves to the type of automation we can use now with one day having its own audio file.

Audio help

Audio is posted as a downloadable podcast and as streaming audio on each day’s entry.

Question not answered here?

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